Vanguard Open House 2024

May 4th brought a killer turnout to Vanguard Motors annual open house, with our rides greeting everyone front and center at the show.

For our first time attending, the Vanguard crew rolled out all the stops for us. Really appreciate the hospitality along with the aligning values in our companies. Their facility is incredible, a lot of foot traffic came through to explore some of their rides up for sale as well as the brigade that filled the grounds.

The show was packed by 8:15am, a good 45 minutes before the official start time. Adam rolled in with MCV and Tricia (y’all have probably talked to her on the phone once or twice) got to officially debut her 1970 Caddy, Betty White. Thank you for being a friend…


We traveled around the show, spotting this epic 1986 Crown Victoria on our Detroit Steel Wheels Delrays and running a fuel injected 5.0. Our buddy Keenan (@speedycluck) recognized it from last years show, hitting me with his IG info so I could properly tag.

Adam showing @joshlaurentt the in’s and outs of MCV.

The show brought out a lot of custom rides and content creators. Josh Laurentt and his crew covered Adam’s breakdown of some of the components that went into Motorcity Vice, you can check that out here.

Man, it’s like a shot of adrenaline when the local shows kick into gear. We are blessed to be able to not only cruise in these old-schools, but celebrate what we and others have built. I think I’ll always have a spot dedicated in my heart to MCV because it’s really the first ground up Mobsteel build I’ve been a part of conceptually. Understanding the process, from design to reality, and working to bring all the aspects of the art to life has been a very unique experience. The simple sleek elegance of the coupe body paired with the stand out accents of retro aesthetic sets MCV apart completely. This summer you’ll catch us cruising all over in it.

You know, I really just snapped pics of our rides and some of our customers. If you want to check out the full range of what was there, follow @vanguardmotors and get all the coverage!

Have to give a shout out to our friends at Detroit Cookie Company! Always fun seeing their Brothers Customs Divco build.

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