Detroit Autorama 2024

This year our crew hit the show with Adam as a celebrity judge for an Autorama Extreme Award, catching up with old friends and new rides on Detroit Steel Wheels.

Mary Jacob debuted her Camaro on our John R Detroit Steel Wheels

Autorama in Detroit is like welcoming everyone to our house for the holidays. We love when our friends get to come and experience the city and the culture. We also love that our fellow Detroit-ers get to celebrate their hard work with an epic hometown show. This year we really felt the love and support for everything we’ve set out to build and achieve, from seeing it proudly displayed to hearing it from new friends.

Charles Braken’s 1957 Chevy won 1st in the Mild Custom Hardtop Class

My goal for this years coverage was to get all my social posts set up on Fridays media day, hang out and touch base with everyone at the show, and get things prepped for Adam and Steve’s Saturday appearance. With these goals achieved, I now bring to you the Detroit Steel Wheels Autorama experience.

Our friends at Top Fuel Garage bringing a fan favorite with Bettie Mae

Upstairs had some front row fam with Charles Brakens ’57 Chev, pictured above, and the Top Fuel Garage crew’s Tri-Five Belair, both on our D-Towns. The displays are always such a cool extension of the work put into these, whether it’s highlighting the perfection of every detail or looking camp right in the eye.

Chuckie Charles Charlie Watts Lincoln on our 20″ D-Town’s and Street Trendz Metal Art originals

If you were walking into the show and went straight back and to the right, you would have the pleasure of spotting the 16 slab line-up from the Detroit Lincoln Group. Their display was something that completely stood out for Adam and Steve, because at their first Autorama back in the day, their Lincoln build was considered sacrilegious to bring to the show according to the powers. More than happy to see so many now lining the show, reflecting on how we knew at Mobsteel what the next big thing would be.

Fred Williams 1968 Continental with the Lincoln Group

Josh Schoenmaker posted up on our D-Town’s

Bobby Howell on Ambassadors, always love seeing where he takes this

Adam, Mary, her husband Rick, Spanky, and Steve peeping the Camaro

Rounding out our top floor crew was Mary Jacob’s 1969 Camaro built by her husband Rick. Also feature’s our John R Detroit Steel Wheels, giving us all a good look at the stance on these muscle cars.

Our buddy Dave Marchioni got his wagon on our Delrays, was our little oasis at the show

It was Adam’s job at the show to select a vehicle that he believed to have earned recognition of the Autorama Extreme award. The thing I love about these specific awards is that the trophies are designed as an extension of the presenter. Some of our missions at Mobsteel and Detroit Steel Wheel is to invest back in our communities, supporting American Made businesses and celebrate our industry. Adam commissioned a piece from Jaimie, creator of Street Trendz Metal Art, to present for his trophy. Jaimie has a pretty OG set of our D-Town’s on his Lincoln, and went all out for his International Harvester that was inspired by The Gangstar, also on our Delrays.

That award ended up going to our friend Gregg Peterson, or @detroitgregg for those of you on social.

Gregg’s Buick Invicta is a staple in our Detroit car scene. He’s made plenty of changes to it but one thing that’s been consistent has been his D-Town’s. He bought one of the first sets, shoot, I think Steve actually went over to his house to help with fitment. Adam took that as his opportunity to show our appreciation for Gregg’s vision including us with each upgrade. Most recently has been his roof.

It was an awesome awards ceremony, with our friends Dave Marchioni and Eric Buck also winning awards for their rides on our wheels. The representation at the show this year blew us away, whether it was a vehicle running our wheels or somebody expressing their appreciation for what we work so hard to create. I’ll wrap things up by saying thank you to Tom Stepp for having us, and leave y’all with more pics to check out!