Vanguard Open House 2024

May 4th brought a killer turnout to Vanguard Motors annual open house, with our rides greeting everyone front and center at the show. For our first time attending, the Vanguard crew rolled out all the stops for us. Really appreciate the hospitality along with the aligning values in our companies. Their facility is incredible, a…
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Sketchbattle Jr. 2024

This year Sketchbattle Jr. hit Newlab Detroit, with talent spotted and recognized by General Motors Design and the College of Creative Studies. Our next generation of designers from grades 7th-11th competed for design scholarships and prizes at this years Sketchbattle Jr. For those that have been to the Middlecott Sketchbattle, the concept is basically the…
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Detroit Autorama 2024

This year our crew hit the show with Adam as a celebrity judge for an Autorama Extreme Award, catching up with old friends and new rides on Detroit Steel Wheels. Mary Jacob debuted her Camaro on our John R Detroit Steel Wheels Autorama in Detroit is like welcoming everyone to our house for the holidays.…
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Lonestar Throwdown 2024

Another epic year, with the crew successfully securing the 2025 show. Zach Pennock’s “Shorty” running our D-Town’s. Emma here, back for another break down of show coverage. Lonestar Throwdown has been a favorite for me these past 4 years. The camaraderie, the displays, the interactivity of people just building to cruise, the whole show is…
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John R’s – Now Available

The day has finally come my friends, our highly anticipated John R Detroit Steel Wheels are available for purchase! Check out our Product Page for all of out available sizes, backspacing, and bolt patterns and download our order form here. John R – 18×9″ with a 4.5″ BS all around John R – 20×9″ with…
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A green truck driving down the street in front of trees.

SEMA 2023

Every year I hit the SEMA show to cover all the vehicles on our Detroit Steel Wheels. Since the wrinkle in time that was 2019-2021, I have to say, this show really brought me back to that pre-covid SEMA feeling. Josh Fellman brought this killer COE running D-Town’s. I’m coming fresh off a Sunday to…
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