Lonestar Throwdown 2024

Another epic year, with the crew successfully securing the 2025 show.

Zach Pennock’s “Shorty” running our D-Town’s.

Emma here, back for another break down of show coverage. Lonestar Throwdown has been a favorite for me these past 4 years. The camaraderie, the displays, the interactivity of people just building to cruise, the whole show is really a root to the natural love we have for this industry.

The Nobody Custom’s crew with their Packard and Chrysler 300 on D-Town and Ambassador Detroit Steel Wheels, respectively.

I started this post before the LST crew went to court to fight for the show due to some insane behaviors that the city tied to the event. It’s absolutely understandable that the issue’s were brought up based on the destruction that was cataloged, but I know this crew works tirelessly to make sure the grounds are secure and safe. I always have an extremely safe and productive experience, and I’m so happy that the crew won the right to continue organizing this incredible event. With that, let’s recap the 2024 show!

Tony from Eclectic Art had his 3100 on our Ambassador Detroit Steel Wheels outside the Airlift Performance booth

It was smooth sailing from Detroit to Houston, and Houston to Conroe. Weather was once again choice, and on Thursday the vendors and displays were up. Easy day to pick up badges and get a lay of the land of who claimed what turf throughout the grounds.

Tim Smith of Kicker brought his OBS to their booth on our Detroit Steel Wheel Delrays

I caught up with the Kicker crew, catching Tim cleaning up his truck tucking our Delrays. He calls it “Black and Mild” making me reminisce on my days after school spent outside the 711. The two tone really sets off in the light, we did a photoshoot on Sunday showing that shine, but the Friday night light painting session really brought it out as well.

Ahh yes, I can smell it now.

Friday was go time, collecting as many interviews as I could so everyone could maximize their fun time without the impending doom of being articulate. Hat’s off to everyone there for absolutely crushing it, except for that one. You know who you are.

Just kidding.

Ricky Rowe’s Dodge laid out on Ambassador Detroit Steel Wheels

During shows I focus on posting more video content based social, and Ricky Rowe’s ’65 Dodge slayed on our platforms. He said he still has a long way to go (who doesn’t) but we both agreed it was cool to see something you don’t see all of the time. Everyone makes their builds unique to them which is great to witness, but it’s always a treasure finding a make that’s a lil more rare.

Jared Lauzon’s Curry Custom Fab built Apache on our D-Town’s.

Making my way back to Kicker, I spotted an OG of our Detroit Steel Wheel fam. Seth Curry (the car builder) put together this killer Apache on our smoothies, and now Jared is the proud owner. We got more info in his interview, but most recently he did a shoot with the insanely talented Shane Monahan (@shane__702) out in Glendale, AZ that you’ve probably seen spreading like wildfire on social.

Kyle Fannin locked and loaded with Karen and her camper on Detroit Steel Wheels Delrays

C10 Maryland Club Prezzy Kyle traveled from out east, down to Georgia to pick up buddies Matt and Alex in his properly named Crew Cab Karen. He’s had it at the show before but now he’s got her running our Delrays with some more upgrades that he went down to the wire on tear down for. In one of his posts he said “Hands down, traveling halfway across the country in a nearly 40 year old truck is not for the weak. I pride myself on building reliable junk with the best products, and this trip proves it.” – @kdfannin

Jason Danos painting his 22″ D-Town Detroit Steel Wheels

Something I do often at shows is flail around flagging down vehicles that I didn’t know would be there, over-enthusiastically explaining who I rep and how excited I am to see our product on such a cool vehicle. Jason got to experience that as he pulled in through the vendors entrance. We grabbed an interview and he told me that there’s still plenty to come with this, mainly painting the body, but that’s the beauty of these builds. Go piece by piece and enjoy the process.

We got this epic shot of Hunter Caldwell’s ’94 as the military was running drills during our photoshoot.

I’m gonna keep things relatively short and sweet, closing out with this dope shot we got during our photoshoot of Hunter’s OBS. These are the moments we aim to capture, with people that respect our mission. Hunter made a really cool post about us going above and beyond with our product and his excitement for the media coverage. Mean’s a lot to see that.

I say it often, our team really focuses on our American Made Manufacturing, so I hope I can widen that view and show them the scope of folks who are so complimentary on the services we provide. Congratulations to the show runners for a great year and for the go ahead for the 2025 show! This event is a staple in our industry and everyone deserves to see how well run it is.


  1. Josh on March 12, 2024 at 10:02 am

    Are you going to the show next year?

    • Emma Sauve on March 12, 2024 at 10:03 am

      Yes we are! Possibly with our own vehicle